About FashionTV

As a leading fashion and lifestyle media brand, FashionTV has graced the global stage for over two decades, captivating fashion enthusiasts and setting new industry standards. Collaborating with aspiring entrepreneurs, we have launched multiple businesses through franchising, licensing, events, media, concepts, and city partnerships, creating a vast network of investors for mutual growth. In alliance with our affiliates, we aim to spread our wings across the globe and revolutionise the fashion industry.

Thriving on our unique business model, we offer remarkable opportunities to partners, fostering growth and success in the fashion world. India, with a youth population of 356 million, and as one of the fastest-growing economies, holds immense potential. We have introduced multiple FashionTV branded businesses, from beauty to luxury autos, tapping into the Indian market. FashionTV's vast network includes satellites, TV platforms, mobiles, IPTV, smart TVs, and smartphones, making it a global networking giant in fashion and lifestyle media. Our niche audience – which includes celebrities, models, and designers – looks to FashionTV for the latest trends and styles.

An association with popular and premium fashion brands, reinforces FashionTV's reputation as a name synonymous with fashion, luxury, and beauty aesthetics. With 2 billion viewers in 196+ countries, FashionTV is the first fashion channel globally, broadcasting to 100 million households and 10 million public places across 5 continents.

Standing as the most distributed channel in public spaces, FashionTV enables brands to build their image effectively. Engaging millions on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, we provide exclusive and imaginative fashion content.

Collaborating with aspiring entrepreneurs, we introduce FashionTV branded businesses to achieve mutual goals. With over two decades of global prominence, FashionTV will play a vital role in developing India's fashion industry.





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