Kashiff Khan

Managing Director


Kashiff Khan's journey began with humble origins as a sales executive in an Indian MNC SFA. However, his unyielding determination and passion for communication propelled him to the position of Director On Board at the same company. With a resolute commitment to excellence, he mastered the realms of OTT and broadcast, while pioneering new ideas in wellness, beauty, fitness, print, and channel broadcast syndication. As a Venture Capitalist, Kashiff Khan extends his expertise to numerous start-ups, fostering a mutually beneficial environment for budding entrepreneurs. His thirst for the next big breakthrough keeps him on the lookout for innovative opportunities that will shape the future of fashion.




Mr. Khan envisions FashionTV as a pioneer in the global fashion landscape. With FashionTV Models, his aim is to provide a platform for aspiring models from India to shine globally. By nurturing talents from diverse backgrounds, he aspires to redefine the fashion industry's standards and inspire positive change.



Kashiff Khan's vision is to elevate FashionTV into a leading business brand, captivating audiences worldwide with its exceptional business module and expansion plans. At FashionTV Models, he envisions a future where every aspiring model discovers their true potential and realises their dreams, guided by unparalleled expertise and support.



With a mission to refine lifestyles through a perfect blend of synergy, hard work, and innovation, Mr. Khan seeks to establish FashionTV as the epitome of excellence in the fashion and lifestyle media industry. Through FashionTV Models, he endeavours to enable young talents, helping them embark on transformative journeys and achieving success through their unique gifts.


Kashiff Khan's remarkable journey from a sales executive to the Managing Director of FashionTV has been decorated with accolades and accomplishments. Under his leadership, FashionTV India secured the esteemed ‘Licensor of the Year’ Award at the Star Retailer Awards, 2019, a testament to his entrepreneurial brilliance and innovative approach to business.