Michel Adam

Chairman and Founder


Michel Adam Lisowski, the visionary behind the global fashion phenomenon, FashionTV, has left an indelible mark on the world of haute couture with his enthusiasm for style, elegance, and beauty. Michel’s journey began humbly, securing a scholarship for Mathematics at Princeton University, before venturing into the world of fashion with the 'Eden Group,' a textile company in Thailand. However, it was his innate sense of style that drove him to create FashionTV, a revolutionary international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel, based in France in 1997. Since its inception, FashionTV has mesmerised fashion enthusiasts worldwide, becoming the go-to platform for glamour and allure.




Michel Adam Lisowski's aim is to continue FashionTV's trajectory of growth and expansion. With a great eye for innovation, he envisions establishing opulent FashionTV enterprises worldwide, catering to affluent fashion devotees and industry participants alike.



As the Chairman of FashionTV, Michel Adam Lisowski foresees a future where the brand stands as a beacon of luxury, enticing and captivating fashion aficionados across the globe. His vision includes creating thriving centres for the fashion industry, hosting high-end gatherings and events that epitomise glamour and sophistication.



Michel's mission is to perpetually transform the fashion landscape by offering an unparalleled platform that celebrates creativity, artistry, and business acumen. FashionTV fosters strategic relationships and a profound understanding of the fashion scene to create extraordinary opportunities for all its affiliates.


Michel Adam Lisowski's relentless dedication to the art of couture and visionary leadership has earned him global recognition. Under his stewardship, FashionTV has achieved unparalleled success, becoming an iconic brand that continues to shape the world of fashion and lifestyle. His astute business acumen has led to lucrative real estate ventures, including the elegant love-f-cafe locations, enhancing the fashion experience for elite clientele.